Winning Mindset with Coach Charity Elliott of LMU (recorded before quarantine)
How to motivate others and what it means to have a WINNING MINDSET! Who’s better at that than a sports coach who can rally the team when they feel defeated, to perform their best when they are feeling low, and to be tougher than they ever expected. Loyola Marymount University (LMU) Women’s Head Basketball Coach Charity Elliott, has amazing analogies from the playing field to the business arena. The game of basketball is like the game of life. Nobody understands a winning mindset like a basketball coach. The quote I like best of hers is, “Twenty-seconds of Courage is All You Need!”

She rallies the team when they feel defeated, pushes them to perform each and every game, and brings out the fight when adversity hits. Charity shares tips you’ll want to take note of and put into your own practice and the game of life!
She speaks on these tips in the video:
1:07 Winning Mindset
1:55 – Adversity is going to Come
2:17 – Have Fire in Your Belly
4:57 – High Risk = High Reward
6:36 – Without Vision the People will Perish
7:50 – Be Willing to Make the Hard Decisions
8:50 – 20 Seconds of Courage is All You Need
11:15 – Adversity – Failure – Teamwork – Courage – Strength
11:31 – Businesses Say “I Want to Hire Athletes”
13:25 – Be Active in the Community
15:31 – Self Second – Team First
16:30 – Put Your Time In – Wait for Reward
17:13 – Have a Mentor – Be a Mentor
17:38 – Never Get too Comfortable
18:30 – Bring in Other Mentors
20:19 – Kind-Hearted Harshness
20:38 – Call Out, Respectfully

In her nearly 20-year coaching career, Charity’s had more than 250 coaching victories. Under her guidance, the Lions have earned the WCC Newcomer of the Year award in back-to-back seasons, with Gabby Green winning the honor in 2018 and Jackie Johnson in 2017.

Charity practices what she preaches on and off the court. A former basketball player at Rice University and Southwest Missouri State (now Missouri State), Charity knows what it takes to win. But she knows how to get there with humility, heart, and resilience, for she ranked in the top 10 nationally for free throw percentage and won SMS’ Female Student-Athlete of the Year and Woman of the Year Award at the end of the 1991-92 season.

As a former player turned coach, Charity understands the battles women face in business. “It comes down to the inner core, and saying, you know, I’m not going to back down”. Charity installs in all of her players that attitude is everything. An attitude of “I can, and I will” ignites a fire to work hard to gets things done, similar to winning a game, starting your own business, or finding a new avenue in your career.

Charity notes that it’s not always winning and success that teaches players or people to be tough. “It starts with momentum and energy; one play, one step at a time and if you’re down, how do you fight?”.
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